Locked In!


Locked in! Get Stu Off air!

Stafford FM Locked In Tuesday 29th Dec 6.30am until ……….

Stu Haycock will be on air from 6.30am Tuesday 29th Dec and will be “Locked in ” until we reach a £3k target towards our regulatory requirements. As a not for profit community radio station we are required to raise 50% towards the running of the station through funding and donations, whilst meeting our key commitments with Ofcom, as per the license.

Stu will present the breakfast show as normal but then stay on air till co-hosting with the regular presenters until we have reached the target. We need your help as our listeners to reach the £3K target. You can join in by using the donate button below and pledging an amount to “Get Stu off Air” in time to celebrate the new year. Locked in promises to be a great listen as Stu is also planning to set some entertaining show challenges for the other presenters, you might see some clothes swapping, hair, cuts random food challenges. We will also be holding on air auctions for some fantastic opportunities in the local area.

Help get him off air now by giving what you can below

Keep Up to date with Stu’s antics whilst he is locked in live on 107.3 Stafford FM and here on our website!